A framework to save and share your travel experiences

with a compact passport to materialize your memories

Grab your Travel World Passport
and join our awesome community of travelers before you take off!

We're a sentimental bunch that is on a mission to create the perfect place for you to save and share your travel memories. 68% of people when asked said they regret not traveling more and those that do travel say they're best memories are of travel.

A full suite of tools!

After years of travel we're created a suite of tools that we though would be the best medium to save and share memories.

It's a Time Capsule

Create an index of your travels. Share what you've learned with future generations.

Spread the word!

Share your unique share.travel link with friends and family so they don't lose track of your journeys!

Share your unique perspective!

Millions have seen the Coloseum! But no one has seen it the way you have! Share it!

A community of helpers!

Not sure what to do where? Consult with our awesome community of travelers!

Before you take off!

Start using our great online tools to map out your journey before you take off!

You can now buy a TWP passport and create stamps online! !

A picture's worth a thousand words, but what if we have thousands of pictures?

  • Create online stamps to save your favourite experiences.
  • Buy the ultimate travel memoir for all your journeys!
  • A great gift, beautifully packed in a tin steel case.
  • It's an excellent keepsake!
  • A special gift to be passed down to your children!
  • Create beautiful custom stamps with filters and your own text to recall!
  • A perfect way to share your travel experiences with others!

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some frequently asked questions for you

What is a Travel World Passport ?

It looks and feels like any other passport, but it's made for collecting self created stamps of your most cherished travel memories.

How to use it?

Create a Travel World Passport account. Upload your travel photos and start turning them into stamps with our online Stamp Creator! It's really simple! Then click purchase and grab a TWP passport on the way out, if you haven't got one already!

How long do I wait for the stamps?

We ship within 48 hours. International AirMail takes 3-10 business days and domestic mail in Australia takes 2-4 business days.

How much does a stamp cost ?

You can order your stamps in a batch of 12. Each stamp is 50 cents. Plus postage.

What is the biometric tag?

The biometric tag is the first page of the passport with all your details. You get that with your first batch of stamps you order and we ask you to fill out your details when you register.

Didn’t find the answer ?

Shoot as an email, we'll be sure to put your questions at rest!

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So, how much is the TWP Passport anyway?

  • Professional
  • $130
    Per Month
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • 15 Projects
  • 15GB Storage
  • Unlimited Users
  • Sign up

our happy clients they trust us

"I am quite enthusiastic about TWP and wish you every success with it. It's great to see something unique come out of Australia." Lyn Lyndfield

"Now I can share my passions with ones who are really interested - other travelers!" Matylda Grzelak

"I'm excited to jump on board!! what a great concept." Erica Kickert

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